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Manuel Guislain, Architect /  Urbanist, special guest 2020. 

Origami houses

« The genesis of the project was the desire to create something new, to allow everyone to compose their spaces, being able to adapt them to change in life, to one’s desires, to seasons, by creating simple, combinable endless components and can be modified at any time to accommodate a newborn, and which can be modified at any time to accommodate a newborn, a new family member or an unexpected visitor. »

 The Origami Houses are inspired by a 3D layout of the rules of orignal drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. The layout comes from its famous print of the proportions of the human body.

This is how the Origami concept was born, which makes it possible to create spaces, from wooden planks, by simply folding and assembling geometric components.

The shapes are all derived from the equilateral triangle and the internal angles are all at 30 °, 60 °, 180 °. This allows optimal space profitability and an effortless assembly capacity.

This structure also welcomes easily the elements standardized at 90 ° implicite rooms

This structuring mode allows profitability in the use of spaces and as well as the ergonomy and due to a great adaptability to different landscapes, an Origami House will be perceived as an almost natural element.  The Origami Houses are infinitely expandable. Also, they are easily removable and could be reassembled elsewhere.

The roof components are all identical in shape, which is the same for the floors. The windows and facade elements allow any composition according to your aspirations, to the sites and … according to the local standards. All the elements are allowing an easy transportation by truck.

The Origami Houses are ecological “zero concrete” constructions that allow to use any solar energy source with an optimal exposure (six sides instead of the traditional four), And also, they will let the sites untouched in the event of a relocation.

Geometrics of the Origami Houses are much more efficient than the traditional orthogonality of the constructions, both from the angle of technical performances as to the resistance to external forces (wind, sunshine, rain, snow, etc.).

The Origami Houses could be erected really fast, making it possible to meet emergency requirements. Inside the Origami House

Inside the origami house 

Origami Houses are optimal from the point of view of the best ratio ‘’ Serving Spaces / Served Spaces ’’ (reduced corridors, elimination of unnecessary angles, etc.)

The bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen (open or not to the living room), the bathrooms can be the desired size and can be easily modified. For example, in about an hour, two people can easily transform a large space of 18 m² into two smaller rooms of 9 m², which can accommodate an additional person.

Numerous storage spaces as well as dressing rooms, scullery, technical and fun rooms (saunas, etc.) are possible.
Interior fittings for the bathroom (showers, bathtubs, cupboards, etc.) and for the kitchen are provided on demand as desired.
The staircase can be placed where desired and if an elevator is required it can be easily installed. Ditto for a possible basement.
Regarding materials, several appearances and wood species are available. Wall, floor and ceiling surfaces are prefabricated with materials and colors of your choice.
The sound insulation is particularly worked.
The thermal insulation is up to 2020 standards and can be adjusted upwards (for cold regions) as well as downwards (for regions which do not require it).
All energy and heat production systems are possible: gas, electricity or geothermal, solar, and a chimney can be added.
The recovery and storage of rainwater is optimal.

The same elements make it possible to constitute outdoor terraces in a compound garden, with swimming pool, kiosks, hangars, garages for cars, bicycles, etc

2 versions houses


  • Ground Floor 100 m², extensible to 120 m²
  • Floor double height : 70 m², up to 120 m²
    Floor can up or reduce

ORIGAMI Triangle

  • RDC  100 m², extensible to 120 m²
  • Étage double height: 45 m², up to 100 m²
    Floor can up or reduce
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development plan


 ORIGAMI Star  Ground Floor



ORIGAMI  TRIANGLE ground floor


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